Community, Food & Transport

The Village School Project will provide ongoing training to teachers and support to learners, matrons, janitors, school boards, parents, and the community at large.

Each school will consist of two permanent Ju/’hoan teachers, and three Ju/’hoan staff, two matrons and one janitor. The staff will work on a rotation system from school catchment villages, ensuring the community takes responsibility for the running of the schools.

The project will also focus on two vitally important aspects, changing the face of the schools, transport and food.

Providing an effective transport system for learners, teachers and service delivery to the schools will facilitate the running of the schools. The Village Schools will be provided with a school bus, a service vehicle for the school principal, and donkey carts.

Food is the most crucial issue that any educational project needs to take into account. As well as qualifying for the Namibian school feeding program, vegetable gardens will provide sustainable food that not only provides nutritious vegetables but reduce food demands on villages.