Holistic Approach

Our goal is to improve the Nyae Nyae Lower Primary Village Schools infrastructural needs. We must however go beyond “fixing up schools”. We recommend a collaborative approach focusing on solving immediate infrastructural problems, simultaneously focusing on the development of sustainable, long term solutions.

The purpose of the Village Schools is to ensure that all learners develop an awareness and pride in their own culture whilst applying their knowledge, understandings, skills and attitudes, thereby enabling them to participate fully in the school and their community. The schools will provide a safe nurturing environment for young Ju/’hoan learners.

The learning environment supports the aims of the schools:

  • To improve education outcomes for Ju/’hoan learners by increase student attendance and retention at school
  • To strengthen and infirm indigenous culture
  • To involve community members in school operations and cultural education
  • To continue training of mother tongue Ju/hoan teachers as educators of their own people