Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Having food at the Village Schools is vitally important.

One of the most important aspects of the Nyae Nyae Village Schools is food. Nutrition is vital for lower primary learners. Having food at school every day translates not only to better health, but also to increasing performance in the classroom. It is difficult for a child to concentrate in class on an empty stomach. Parents and guardians are more willing to send children to school knowing that they will have a decent meal.

The Nyae Nyae Village Schools are boarding schools and operate under the Ministry of Education. Each school has its own catchment areas. The government provided food for both visiting and resident learners. The food provided by the government is fortified maize blend which is served as porridge at the schools. In the past, the food was very scarce and as a result, learners -especially the visiting ones- dropped out of school.

The Ministry of Education, together with TUSCIN and the Ju/’hoansi Development Fund put together their resources for a better food delivery to the Village Schools. With B2Gold’s support, each school now receives additional food very month – with a bigger variety of nutrition.  In addition to the maize blend, the schools now receive rice, canned fish, soya mince, salt and cooking oil. On a need basis, the schools are also supplied with dish washing soap and matches. 

The first delivery of the additional food was done in June 2019. Each school also received storage boxes, a big potjie pot, jerry cans for water and washing containers. In future, all the Village Schools will have vegetable gardens for extra nutrition. More information about that soon.



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