Steve /Ui Kunta

Interview with Steve /Ui Kunta

11 January 2017

Meet the team. First up: board member and co-founder of the Ju/'hoansi Development Fund Steve /Ui Kunta.

In the coming months we'll interview our board of directors, project managers, architect, and other stakeholders, so you can get to know them better. Today we start with: Steve /Ui Kunta (Namibia 1974).

Steve on Landrover near Nyae Nyae Pans

We know that you're the co-founder and a volunteer board member of the Ju/'hoansi Development Fund, but what is your profession?

I’m a tour guide. I like showing people from oversees my area, the Nyae Nyae Conservancy. I’m an expert on fauna and how we use many different plants. I also know a lot about stars and of course Ju/’hoan culture.


How is it to live in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy?

What I like very much is that it is more quiet here then for example in big cities. I like being in the bush and enjoy hunting and gathering. I also like being with my family around the fire. So ... it is a nice place.

Young Steve (giving a thumbs up) in 1980s

The Ju’hoansi Development Fund will be concentrating on the Nyae Nyae Village Schools in the coming years. Why is (primary) education important?

Education is very important because for the future of our children and the children that are still coming. They need to be educated so they can read and write and do what they want to do. It is important that they can speak to everyone in the world and manage everything they want to do. Language and being able to do paperwork is important for everyone.

Is education important for Ju/’hoan culture?

If you are educated AND have your culture you can do more. For example, making a book about all the plants in the region. If you’re educated you can protect your culture, it is true.

Steve with his wife N!hunkxa and four of their five children

You are a parent of five children. Are Ju/'hoansi parents involved in school?

Sometimes they are, but there are only a few. We try to help and upkeep the schools, but we don’t have materials or money. Also it is important to help the kids with schoolwork, but if you are not well educated yourself this is difficult.


What is your wish for the future?

For me personally I wish to have my own village, so I can manage my own affairs and stay with my own people. For the community, I wish there would be better management to organise the affairs in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy. The future will not be good, if we don’t have better management.

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