What is the importance of a little group of people living in the desert in a corner of a southern African country? Unless we are able to recognise the potential value of such cultures, and to include specific protection for them and their rights as funding priorities, we will be allowing some of the world’s richest and most resourceful – but also most vulnerable – cultures and languages to slip through the cracks.

Jennifer Hays in “Owners of Learning: The Nyae Nyae Village Schools over Twenty Five Years” (2016)


Your contribution makes a difference. Please make a bank transfer into one of our accounts, using “Village Schools” as a reference.

For International Donations you can use the King Baudouin Foundation United States ‘Network for Good’

Ju/’hoansi Development Fund in Namibia

Account Name: Ju/’hoansi Development Fund
Bank: Bank Windhoek
Branch: Maerua Mall
Account number: 8002393864
Sort Code: 483-872
Bank Address:Centaurus Road, Maerua Mall shop 36, Windhoek


(The Ju/’hoansi Development Fund is a registered ‘Incorporated Association not for Gain’ under the Republic of Namibia Companies Act 1973 since 2008, its actions are contained by its Articles of Associations, and financial statements audited yearly by an independent Auditor.)

We need your help to realise this project. Every amount counts. For example:

  • EUR 2,50/ USD 3  buys 10 A4 exercise books
  • EUR 8 / USD 8,50 feeds 10 schoolkids per day
  • EUR 325/ USD 365 buys school books for one school
  • EUR 20.000/ USD 22.000 builds one classroom


Donations can earn you some ‘sweet perks’, more information how this works can be found under news/sweet-perks.


Corporate social investment/ Corporate  membership

You may be interested in supporting and linking your name to a project. Project support can be provided to field-based activities in many different priority fields and areas of the country. Projects range in size from a few thousand to several millions dollars.


The VSP’s corporate sponsorship program is a platform where our sponsors demonstrate their commitment to Namibia’s natural resources and environment. Our corporate sponsors demonstrate their commitment to Namibia’s natural resources and environment. Our corporate sponsors are important to our success story as they assist with the resources needed to maintain the NNF’s magnificent legacy of conserving, preserving and supporting projects to conserve Namibia’s unique biodiversity and habitats. The Corporate membership programme has four categories: diamond, gold, silver and friends of the Village school Project. Membership is on an annual basis.


Through your sponsorship you will:

– Improve your organisations image and visibility as a conservation supporter

– Increase communities’ access to mother tongue education

– Make your business a sustainable organisation by supporting sustainable development initiatives

– Support the conservation of Namibia’s treasured social and cultural resources

– Collaborate with the VSP to create Integrated marketing with customised programs geared to accomplish your business goals.