Artist Lynne Marie Eatwell

Artist Lynne Marie Eatwell

A chance meeting brought together painter Lynne Eatwell and photographer David Bruce.

David was looking for someone to help him with his sound, filming the ‘Last Dance’, a documentation of the last authentic Ju/’hoansi Bushmen in trance and dance. Lynne had some knowledge of 35mm filming, and wanted to paint the Bushmen, but had no knowledge of the subject.  

South African artist Lynne-Marie Eatwell is a young painter with exceptional talent. She has created a body of portraiture paintings entitled ‘Hunter Gatherer, Faces of the Khoisan’. An exhibition of these paintings will be held at The Orient Boutique Hotel near Pretoria on 9 August 2014. The proceeds of this exhibition will be donated towards educational projects of the Ju/’hoansi Development Fund.

Lynne-Marie made two memorable trips to the Nyae Nyae Conservancy and created a unique body of portraiture paintings.

Lynne-Marie Eatwell: “It was my sketchbook that proved to be the best icebreaker; they passed through the drawings of Florence and western buildings with little interest but would pause for long discussions when it came to the drawings of horse anatomy and nude studies from life drawing.”

Read more about Lynne-Marie’s trips on the website of the Eatwell Gallery.

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