Transport for Village Schools

Transport for Village Schools

Transport is essential for the success of the Nyae Nyae Village Schools.

The Nyae Nyae Lower Primary Village Schools need an effective and simple transport system providing transport for learners, teachers, food and school materials, facilitating the running of schools.

School bus

An ISUZU NPS 300 (4×4) 20 seater bus will be used for the transportation of learners and teachers. Pick up and drop off zones will be established and the bus will operate to a routine schedule. The bus will stick to main graded dirt roads and not venture onto 4×4 tracks bush tracks. Other modes of transport will be used to get learners and teachers to pick up and drop off zones.

Service Delivery Vehicle

A 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser will be used as a general service delivery vehicle, including the delivery of supplies, school materials, visits to schools by the school principal and emergencies.  The vehicle will also double up as a small bus transporting when the bus is unavailable or in service.

School Bus and Service Delivery Vehicle

School Bus and Service Delivery Vehicle

Donkey Carts

Donkey carts will play an essential role in our transport system, transporting children in close proximity to the schools and transporting children to pick-up points to be transported by the school bus. All Conservancy villages use donkeys for transport and as pack animals.  When the Village Schools were introduced, a local attempt was made to make donkey carts available to schools. They were however crude, poorly designed and became unworkable, most of which lie abandoned in villages.  The Ju/’hoansi Development Fund has done extensive research on the subject and together with Zebra Trailers in Windhoek, a prototype donkey cart is currently in the process of being designed.  The cart will go through rigorous testing, including a period of use, before being manufactured. The design of the carts will take into consideration, functionality, light weight and ease of maintenance.

The Village School Project will provide each school with four donkeys and two donkey carts.  After the cost of each cart is established, it might well be possible to donate a cart to each village (37) in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy This would not only assist the community with school transport, but creates a sense of community awareness and upliftment.

Water Trailer

Water is a vital necessity of life.  Every village in the Conservancy has access to a borehole, in close proximity to a village.  The Village Schools are also in close proximity to the host village and borehole.  It is not uncommon for boreholes to experience problems which significantly affect the schools and host village.  The Ju/’hoansi Development Fund will therefore purchase a steel water tank trailer, for transporting water in times of need, from nearby villages.  The water trailer will be used with the school principal’s 4×4 vehicle.

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