It takes a village to raise a child

It takes a village to raise a child

Involving parents and community in the Village Schools.

The family is the context in which young Ju/’hoan children begin their first learning experiences. Home-school relationships and the integration of Ju/’hoan parents into the school environment is important to improving the Village Schools education.

In order to mend fractured relationships and build strong school-home partnerships that overcome parents’ reluctance to get involved in their children’s education and remove the intimidating nature of schools, the Ju/’hoansi Development Fund believes it is imperative to establish a holistic approach to San primary education, strengthening the connection between school and community in education.

The concept of holistic education is nothing new to the Ju/’hoan community. They have always practised a holistic approach to nurturing and the development of their children. This is rooted in their belief that one cannot nurture only one aspect such as the mind and ignore the body, emotions and spirit.

What is missing is a system of teaching and learning that combines the two.

How to achieve this:

    • Involve the community from inception, planning through construction, to the ongoing management of the schools.
    • Include local community labour in the building process and ongoing operations. (Local construction workers will be trained under the supervision of an experienced builder).
    • Support parent committees and train teachers in parent involvement.
    • Introduce and support community services (matrons, janitor) for smooth operation at schools.
    • Involve the community in outdoor cultural classes and seek guidance from the local community who are most knowledgeable about cultural concepts.
    • Allow the community access to the schools for community events and adult education, including sewing and leather work for draft animals.


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