Fund raising funrun

Fund raising funrun

Sponsored Run in The Netherlands raises €8,367 (N$ 128,000) for Tsumkwe Secondary School

A Sponsored Run at Griftland College in the Netherlands raised more than eight thousand Euros for Tsumkwe Secondary School in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy. Every year Griftland College first year secondary students choose a charity, supporting their cause.  

On the 15th of September 2010 the Ju/’hoansi Development Fund transported a large consignment of materials including the school’s first microscope, learning modules, projectors, teaching aids, textbooks and exercise books to the school. Prior to fund raise, learning materials were non-existent, and only teachers had textbooks in all subjects.

Equally important was the exchange of information between the two schools.

Before the sponsored run the JDF gave a lesson / presentation to all Dutch students to provide cultural insight and understanding of the different circumstances their Namibian peers have to deal with at school. Tsumkwe students also wanted to know where the new school materials were coming from, and what a school in The Netherlands looks like. A film was made showing Tsumkwe Secondary Students just what their fellow students did in providing money to purchase learning materials and science equipment for the new science laboratory.

A film was also made at Tsumkwe Secondary School


A film was also made at Tsumkwe Secondary School where the materials were delivered.

This is in mostly in Dutch and lasts 12 minutes.

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