JDF in The Netherlands

JDF in The Netherlands

The foundation ‘Ju / ‘hoansi Development Fund Nederland’ was founded on October 6, 2010

To make it easier to organise fundraising events in The Netherlands a Dutch foundation (‘stichting’) was set up earlier this month. The ‘Ju / ‘hoansi Development Fund (JDF) Nederland’ aims to support the Ju /’hoansi (San) Bushmen in northeast Namibia in the development of quality education. The Foundation provides information, acquires support and raises funds in the Netherlands.

The Foundation’s Board consists of the following six persons:

  • David Bruce, chairman
  • Nicolette van der Meer, secretary
  • Wybren van der Meer, treasurer
  • Bart van den Bosch, general board
  • Claire Deurvorst, general board
  • Jaap Lont, general board

The foundation has a Dutch bank account:

Stichting Ju/’hoansi Development Fund Nederland

Bank: Triodos Bank

Plaats:  Naarden, Nederland

Rekeningnummer: 19 83 85 080

IBAN: NL 29 TRIO 0198 3850 80


Also good to know: the Dutch foundation is recognized by the Dutch tax authorities as a public benefit organization. This means that donations are deductible- within the applicable rules. Email us for more information.

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