“Education is the key”

“Education is the key”

In the series ‘Meet the team’ we interview /Ui sa /Ui, principal of the Village Schools.

You are the Nyae Nyae Village Schools principal. What is your biggest challenge?

There are lots of challenges: the five Village Schools are in the bush and we have no transport, we are always short on school materials and food. But I want to focus on the future. I want to see good days; so kids can finish schools and we can have more Ju/’hoan who can be teachers and work in other professions.

You were the first qualified Ju’/hoan teacher, how did you accomplished that?

It was not easy, but many people encouraged me. My parent’s aim for me was to have a better life then they had. Not to do hard labour for other people.

To finish my study, it took a lot of discipline. People from the church also helped me.

/Ui sa /Ui

/Ui sa /Ui

How is it to live in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy?

The Nyae Nyae Conservancy is my home, where everyone speaks my language. The region has lots of animals, which makes it special. Tsumkwe should be the capital city of all San people and I hope that it will develop into a nice place in the future.

You are an advisor to the Ju/’hoansi Development Fund, which is focusing on the development of the Village Schools. Why is education important?

I really believe that education is the key! You need education to progress. And the schools must teach in Ju/’hoansi and explain people where they come from.

What is your wish for the future?

I want a lot of things, my own brick house, my kids to grow up and have a nice life (my son is now in grade one). For the San people, I want them to be educated and work as nurses, doctors and business people.

Some board members and advisors of the board enjoying a meal (Windhoek April 2017)

Some board members and advisors of the board enjoying a meal (Windhoek April 2017)


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