Thank you Canada

Thank you Canada

The Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives helped with school materials.

Through the ‘Canada Fund for Local Initiatives’, the High Commission of Canada in Pretoria, funds small projects in Southern Africa. We asked the CFLI to help us with stationery and school books for the Nyae Nyae Village Schools. We were grateful for their support for school supplies.

We asked the teachers what was needed most and with a list of books and stationery we went shopping. Project Manager David Bruce started by purchasing a sea container, as we need a place in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy where we can safely store school materials and other items for the Village Schools Project.

The sea container was purchased at Container World in Windhoek, who were very helpful in transporting. the container to TUSCIN Tsumkwe Lodge. Tsumkwe Lodge kindly aloud us to store the container on their premise for  years to come.

All the Nyae Nyae Village Schools (grade 1-3) now have books for:

    • Ju/’hoansi first language;
    • Mathematics;
    • Environmental studies, and;
    • English as second language.

The schools are also stocked with essential stationery, like pencils, erasers, rulers, and exercise books.

A great start for school year 2019!


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