Going to Grade 4

Going to Grade 4

Leaving the Village Schools progressing to Grade 4 is a big step for Ju/’hoan learners.

The transition of learners from the Village Schools, which are junior primary (Grade 1-3), to Grade 4 in senior primary school can be difficult for young Ju/‘hoan learners.

The learners will go to Grade 4 at either Tsumkwe Primary School or Aasvoëlnes Primary School, much bigger schools than what they were used to and for many much further from home. Another big change is from being taught in mother tongue (with English as a second language), to lessons conducted in English. In the tribally mixed school in the settlement of Tsumkwe the learners might also come across bullying and mis-communication with school staff, as has happend before.

While various programs are being develop to handle this transition better, we started with some practical basics. With the support of sponsor B2Gold Namibia, we supplied the following to all Village Schools’ learners that move up to Grade 4:

  • 2 shorts or skirts
  • 2 short sleeve shirts
  • 1 sweater
  • 1 backpack with some stationery
  • 1 toilet bag with toothpaste, tooth brush, small towel, washcloth, 2 bars of soap, and Vaseline.

    Uniform, backpack, toilet bag and toiletries for Grade 4 learner

Just a little helping hand which could have a great positive impact. This ‘grade 4 kit’ means learners don’t have to worry about peer pressure when it comes to their clothes and toiletries. Wishing all the grade 4 learners best of luck in BIG SCHOOL.

Principal Cwisa Cwi and female learners
at Aasvoëlnes primary school.

Di//xao Oma coming from the Bense Kamp Village School on her first day of school in Tsumkwe.

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