Ready for School Year 2020

Ready for School Year 2020

New school materials for a new school year.

The Village Schools’ teachers and principal came together in Tsumkwe on 13th of January to discuss their plans, their challenges and cooperation for the new school year 2020.

After a good meeting and a lot of toasted sandwiches at TUSCIN Tsumkwe Lodge, all the teachers collected school materials to bring to their schools.

First day at school in Duinpost (photo from teacher Johanna Bernardo)

With support from sponsor B2Gold Namibia, we were able to buy the following school materials:

  • 80 books for Environmental Studies
  • 36 books of English second language
  • 36 books for Ju/’hoansi first language
  • 240 books for Mathematics
  • 800 exercises books
  • stationery like pencils, erasers, scissors, chalk, glue, etc.
  • paint for art classes
  • Soccer and net balls

    Teachers and principal Village Schools at container in Tsumkwe

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