Feeding the Mind: Library Books

Feeding the Mind: Library Books

Classroom library for the school in Den/ui realised with support of B2Gold.

The construction of the new village school in Den/ui is nearing completion, and we are getting to the next step of transforming the building into a school. Apart from the basics such as furniture, school books and stationery, we were also dreaming of having a small library. We are excited to announce that thanks to sponsor B2Gold Namibia this will now be realised!

A classroom library is an important source of knowledge to both the learners and the teachers. It develops the important habit of reading among the students.  Libraries provide more than just books. They provide an opportunity for learners to think, create, share, and grow.

With support from sponsor B2Gold Namibia we were able to purchase almost 300 fiction and non-fiction books for the new school in Den/ui. The selection was based on what is appropriate for the local culture, environment and age group. Some dictionaries were purchased as well, which will assist both the learners and teachers. We had great help from the ‘Namibia Book Market’ with the selection of the books and we are very grateful for the discount they gave us. 

B2Gold Namibia officially handed over the books to the school in October 2020, however, the books will only be delivered to the school once the construction is complete. Construction is expected to be finished in March 2021. 

With the assistance of the project manager, Calvin Kazibe, we plan to facilitate a workshop that will guide the teachers on how to use the library books. The workshop is scheduled for later this year and will be held in Tsumkwe.

Should you wish to contribute towards our library book collection for the village schools and assist the learners improve their reading, please donate here.

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